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About Arthur's Jewelers

Lifetime Diamond Upgrade

Upgrade your diamond or diamond stud earrings for those you now desire most! To Upgrade your diamonds or diamond stud earrings from Arthur's Jewelers:

  • We will return to you the exact price you paid for your diamond (excluding tax) PLUS any increase that occurred in diamond prices so you can yield the most dollars for your diamond.
  • Our unbeatable diamond values allow you to spend only $1 more. (while most jewelers require you to spend double your original purchase price).
  • You may upgrade your original Arthur's Jewelers diamond purchase toward any other Arthur's diamond, anytime in the future.
  • At Arthur's, you can upgrade your diamond as many times as you desire and watch your diamond grow over the years to a 2, 3 or even larger carat diamond.

Purchased your diamond or diamond studs somewhere else? No problem! To upgrade diamonds or diamonds stud earrings purchased at another jeweler:

  • Just bring any paperwork you may have about your diamonds - such as an appraisal, certification or any document pertaining to carat weight and quality.
  • If you don't have any documentation - no problem - we can still verify your diamond.
  • Arthur's will determine your upgrade value within 5 minutes when you come into our store. We make it easy even if you didn't purchase the original diamond from us!


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