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konstantino Jewelry

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There is no art like the art in Konstantino jewelry! Inspired by the day to day life of beautiful ancient Greece, Konstantino jewelry featured by Arthur's Jewelers, brings back to time the fascinating blend of history, mythology and philosophy. ...Read More
Each detail in the designer's work in bracelets, necklaces and rings, has been handpicked from the architecture of Parthenon, fables of Appolo and Zeus and fueled by the magical island of Hydra. For the designer who is the proud originator of brand Konstantino, jewelry means the marriage of structure and beauty.

Equally popular amongst men and women, Konstantino Jewelry is uniquely elegant and simply a marvel to look at. In Minneapolis and St. Paul, Arthur Jewelers exclusively sells Konstatine necklaces and Jewelry. The unique thing about Konstantino jewelry is that all of it is manufactured only in Athens even today. Each piece is handcrafted and designed in the workshop where master goldsmiths work with perseverance and passion to create art like never before. So, you don't just buy yourself just jewelry, but a piece from the land of Greece, where art has been at the center of everything!

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