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Marco Moore jewelry and Swiss Made timepieces are handcrafted, limited edition, and individually numbered to 499. No one piece is exactly the same, so every time you wear a Marco Moore piece you can feel just as unique and artistically beautiful as Marco’s passion for style and design. ...Read More
 Marco transends his sense of fashion into each design, he has created a whole new look and feel for jewelry and timepieces as wearable pieces of art. His unique sense of design, workmanship, and attention to detail has made him the award-winning designer he is today.

Marco Moore Jewelry is uniquely elegant and simply a marvel to look at. In Minneapolis and St. Paul, Arthur Jewelers exclusively sells Marco Moore Rings and Jewelry. The unique thing about Marco Moore he started really young and had a passion for style. Marco’s career began at the age of 17, designing ladies apparel. His taste for sophistication would transform the way a woman felt wearing one of his creations. Marco became one of the top fashion designers in the industry in just 9 short years. During this time, Marco developed a passion for unique and complicated timepieces and was fascinated by how all the components of a watch work together seamlessly to tell time.

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