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tungsten carbide Jewelry

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Amongst most modern metals that are being used in the creation of jewelry is tungsten carbide. This metal is most commonly used in the creation of rings. One of the most amusing properties about tungsten carbide is that it is two times stronger than steel, which is itself an extremely durable and strong metal. This metal contains equal proportions of tungsten and carbon. ...Read More
Tungsten carbide jewelry has been a recent trend. One of the main reasons why this metal has been used in making jewelry like tungsten carbide necklaces, rings and earrings is because the metal is hypoallergenic in nature. Another plus point about tungsten carbide jewelry is that it will never need polishing throughout its life tenure.

In jewelry making business tungsten carbide is used in small amounts in the jewelry because it is heavy, tough and hard. These masculine qualities of the metal make it the perfect choice for men's engagement rings. If you are looking for men's and women's jewelry made out of tungsten carbide, Arthur's Jewelers is the best place to browse through designs and different jewelry pieces made out of this metal.

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