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There are a number of ways in which diamonds are set in different pieces of jewelry. One of these settings that are extremely popular is known as channel. In this kind of a setting, the smaller diamonds are engraved onto the metal band of the ring. ...Read More
This kind of a setting of diamonds is usually seen in wedding rings and/or engagement bands. Channel setting is a very contemporary and in vogue setting. It is particularly extremely popular when it comes to eternity rings. If you are looking for amazing engagement rings and more, Arthur's Jewelers is the best place to buy from. This setting looks awesome in simple wedding rings as well as elaborate ones.

At Arthur's Jewelers, we believe in featuring the most impressive jewelry designs and setting. Channel stone setting in engagement rings is one of the trendiest nowadays. If you too are fond of the detailing that is found in Channel, Arthur's Jewelers is the right place for you to shop Men's & Women's Channel Set Wedding Bands.

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