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Custom Design your Ring


Search Arthur's Jewelers for the Perfect Diamond

We all want to know the carat weight, cut, color and clarity when buying a diamond - and many online retailers will offer reports detailing these ‘4 C’s’ from reliable laboratories, like the American Gem Society or the Gemological Institute of America. Realize, however, that selecting a diamond based on its certification alone may not get you the one you really want. After all, these diamonds are graded by humans and no two diamonds can be exactly alike.
To best look for what you really want, browse Arthur’s Jewelers hand selected loose diamonds, sourced directly by our buyers for their exclusive quality and superior value.Can’t find your perfect diamond? Call us at 1.888.406-4343 or email at [email protected] ...Learn more about selecting diamonds.



Personalizing with Accent Gems

Just as each ring is made at Arthur’s Jewelers any piece can be customized with accent gems.

Add Gemstones


Hand Engraving & Carved patterns

Hand engraved details can turn a simple classic into a family heirloom, from basic lettering to elaborately patterned motifs. Adding engraving to any ring, be it an in stock original design or a wholly custom made ring, will lend a personal touch to any piece.
Include a secret message on the inside, incorporate a favorite flower or apply an ornate Celtic knot; the options are limitless.
Carved patterns usually have more depth & are part of the wax model; they are cast right into the piece.



Hand done Milgrain ...the perfect detail!

Frame each edge and contour of your ring with milgrain to enhance its overall sparkle. Milgrain refers to those fine lines of tiny beads or ‘grains’ that impart a sense of division and structure to the piece.
Milgrain is an age-old method of taking an impossibly small wheel with grooves to gold or platinum and rigidly pressing in an outline to better distinguish a ring’s subtle characteristics. At Arthur’s Jewelers, the addition of milgrain into a ring achieves a classic look for new heirlooms and remains as a quintessential technique done strictly by hand.

Hand done Milgrain


Hand Made Filgree & Hand Forged details

Fine wire filigree was nearly a lost art until some designers have brought it back to popularity over a decade ago.You see, most "filigree work" in mass produced jewelry is actually cast in place, not hand done.However, when you try to cast filigree, you can't achieve the delicate detail of handmade filigree wire work.

Hand Made Filgree


Finishes & Textures

Whether it’s a ring in our showcase or a custom made ring, altering the finish offers a variety of options. From clean mirror polishes to rustic, rocky surfaces, discovering the right finish means understating your choice in metal as well as how your ring will be worn.Learn about the range of finishes and which one is perfect for you. Types of Finishes; Stone, Brush, High Polish, Wire Matte, Sandblast, Satin Types of Edges; Beveled Edges, Step Edges, Laser Cut.

Men's Wedding Band Finishes and Textures


Selecting the right Metal

We cast all of our pieces right here at Arthur's workshop, from platinum to palladium to every colored alloy of gold. But just like your choice in diamonds, the metal you select for your custom ring is reflective of personal taste and how the piece will be worn.

Metal Type


The Shank is the foundation of your Ring

Your finger isn’t a perfect round shape, so why should your ring be perfectly round? Some of our most popular ring designs are squared off at the bottom in what is commonly referred to as ‘Euro-shank.’ Shanks like these comfortably form to the natural shape of the finger and don’t roll or spin as is the general complaint of perfectly round rings with taller settings.

Shank of the Ring


Diamond setting styles

In addition to serving as the focal point of your ring, settings are intended to secure your diamond for a lifetime of confident wear. A setting can change the look of a ring entirely. A simple four-prong mounting can keep a ring dainty, a full bezel halo of diamonds may enliven the center stone, or a wrap setting can lend a sense of motion to the ring. Whatever the setting you choose, Arthur’s Jewelers ensures it will be one to last the ages where the entire structure of the ring conforms rather than simply tacking something different onto the same ring.

Diamond Setting


Patterns & Motifs

From knotted Celtic patterns to ornate leaf and vine motifs, we have hundreds of designs. Remember, heavily carved patterns are incorporated into the rings model from the very beginning whereas hand engraved details can be added to any finished piece – which one is right for you?

Patterns and Motifs


Creating a Unique Custom Wedding Band

Choose your favorite Wedding Band Design Elements:

  • width, thickness & shape
  • pattern or texture
  • edge style, accent gems

Creating your wedding band


From Design to Creation

Arthur's Jewelers does all of the manufacturing in house in order to make certain your piece is a timeless heirloom. Working under microscopes with the best tools & techniques is the only way to make each new piece come to life. From high tech milling machines, with time tested hand engraving and hand fabrication, we do each step right.
Arthur's Jewelers can help you design your engagement ring, custom wedding bands, pendants or reset your present or inherited diamonds and gems into a piece of unique jewelry. We offer a personal consultation where your vision is created virtually by our in-house designer with our state-of-the-art Matrix 8 CAD tools. You will be welcomed back to the store to view the strikingly realistic, 3-dimensional rendering of your custom band, allowing you to verify every detail of your design.Once approved, your design will be cast in the metal of your choice by our master goldsmiths. With you every step of the way, our custom jewelry design team can turn your dreams into reality.

Design to Creation

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