Free Ring Resizing


Free Ring Sizing- We want to make sure your ring fits for a lifetime. Eternity bands and tension rings cannot be resized and must be completely remanufactured. 

Free Polishing and Refinishing- Erase normal wear and tear that can dull your ring by bringing it in regularly for free polishing or refinishing.

Free Brushed Finish Application- We will refinish any men's or ladies band to keep it looking as new as the day you purchased it.

Free Rhodium Finishing- We offer this free service to ensure your ring maintains its optimum brightness and luster.

Free Diamond Replacement- If any diamond on your ring chips, cracks, or separates from its mounting, we will replace it free of charge with a diamond of equal value.

Free Diamond Tightening- To prevent diamond loss, we recommend that you have us tighten your diamond regularly, a service we are happy to offer you free of charge. We can also retip prongs and repair other parts of the mounting for a nominal fee.

Free Soldering of Your Rings- Arthur's will solder your wedding set together free of charge.

Free Lifetime Service- We will clean and inspect your jewelry free for life.

Arthur's Jewelers Free Lifetime Warranty is valid from: purchases made after 10-01-2006

(The Lifetime Warranty does not apply to or cover accidental loss, neglect or theft of the diamond and mounting. We urge you to insure your jewelry for casualty or loss.)


Lifetime Warranty with NO Inspections Required! 

No Inspections Required- With Arthur’s lifetime Warranty, you are always covered. You do NOT need to have your item inspected like other stores to maintain your warranty. We encourage you to stop in as often as you like to have your item cleaned and inspected, but it is NOT necessary to do so.

Every piece of diamond jewelry purchased from www.ArthursJewelers.com is backed by our free lifetime warranty. All items shipped from our store go through rigorous quality control checkpoints to make absolutely certain that the item you receive is free from abnormal stone loss/breakage, as well as any defects in the workmanship or manufacturing.
We hand select every piece at Arthur's - always personally choosing diamonds of the highest quality. We are so confident all of our diamond jewelry goes above and beyond industry standards that we offer the best Lifetime Warranty on each of our diamond rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants.


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