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Anna Beck


Anna Beck jewelry is created by hand in Bali, Indonesia.  The jewelry features sterling silver and 18k yellow gold and is entirely by hand by skilled artisans, these unique balinese techniques that are passed down each generation.  

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Anna Beck Hematite cushion ring
$225.00 $112.50 50% OFF
Anna Beck Sapphire Stacking Band
$150.00 $75.00 50% OFF
Anna Beck Sapphire Geo band
$125.00 $62.50 50% OFF
Anna Beck Turquoise Collar Necklace
$290.00 $145.00 50% OFF
Anna Beck Pyrite Reversible Pendant
$365.00 $182.50 50% OFF
Anna Beck Garnet stacking band
$150.00 $75.00 50% OFF
Anna Beck Classic Charm Necklace
$195.00 $97.50 50% OFF

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