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10 Steps to an Engagement Ring Selfie

You have the perfect ring, now get the perfect selfie.

By Amy Nogai

10 Steps to an Engagement Ring Selfie

If you just got engaged, chances are you will be sharing it on Instagram with an engagement ring selfie.  Get the photo right by following a few simple rules.


1. Lighting is everything

If you're not outside, set up your shot near a window for some natural light. Turn off the Fluorescents and yellow bulb lights. You want natural sunlight but watch out for tricky shadows.

2. Know the ring

Experiment with the angle of your shot so you capture the most amazing qualities of your ring. Love the side view?  Take a photo on an angle to highlight it. Can't get over the shape of your stone? Try an overhead shot, but skip the flash.

Verragio Angle of Ring

3. Get a manicure 

Everyone wants to see the ring, but no one wants to see your hangnails. If your fiancé caught you with a surprise proposal and you're due for a manicure, but just can't wait to snap a photo, put on a little lotion and get creative with your pose. Hold hands with your fiancé, frame your nails out of the shot or do a fist pump pose at the camera—why not?


4. Scout an exciting background

Unleash your inner photo stylist. Find an Instagram-worthy skyline, sunset, coffee or patterned rug to serve as the backdrop of your ring selfie.

5. Go the distance

Cell phone pics are not professional quality, but here are a few tricks.  Avoid the zoom on your camera. Move your phone will make a less pixelated photo. If you're using an iPhone, set up your shot and then tap the screen to focus the lens. Avoid shaky shots by using a tripod or pushing the buttons on your earbuds to snap a photo instead of tapping your screen.


6. Strike a pose

Relax your fingers, add a prop, or rest your hands on your new fiancé's arm. Avoid shots that highlight every pore and strand of hair on your hands by a slight tilt of the camera.

7. Take lots of photos, but only upload one

You want your ring to stand out and look awesome. Pick one great shot to feature and skip the collages.


8. Fix it before you post

Use an editing app like VSCO or Snapseed. These apps make it easy to experiment with cropping, contrast, saturation, and sharpness to get the very best from your digital photo.

9. If all else fails, use a filter

Use one of Instagram's filters, they have made it easy for anyone to take a share-worthy photo. Add your ring selfie, apply that perfect filter.

10 Steps to an Engagement Ring Selfie

10. Share your Photo

Get creative with the caption, use emojis and tag the location of your proposal to share on social media.

Make sure you tag Arthur's Jewelers with your engagement ring too. #arthursjewelers #arthurmoment

You can upload your photos to our website to share: https://www.arthursjewelers.com/Common/ShareEngagementRing

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What item do you want this holiday... leave your favorite item in the comments!

By Amy Nogai

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