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Birth Month Stackable Bands

Are you looking for more color with different gemstones, or even an unusual eternity band. 

Right now it's trending towards using gemstones for a wedding or anniverary band. You get a major lux look that's totally unique and versatile enough to build a power ring stack, without the big price of diamonds. Shop Arthur's Stackable Rings

Birthstone Wedding and Anniversary Bands:  Stackable Rings

Tacori Rainbow Rings

  • January– Garnet


  • February– Amethyst

Picture of FR1232

  • March– Aquamarine, Bloodstone

Picture of FR1272

  • April– Diamond

April is Diamond Month

  • May– Emerald

  • June– Pearl, Moonstone, Alexandrite

Picture of FR1273

  • July– Ruby

  Ruby and Diamond Tacori Eternity Bands

  • August– Peridot, Spinel

Picture of FR1227

  • September– Sapphire

September Sapphire Birthstone Band

  • October– Opal, Pink Tourmaline

 Pink Tourmaline

  • November– Topaz, Citrine

 Picture of FR1246

  • December– Turquoise, Zircon, Tanzanite, Blue Topaz


 Picture of FR1224

Shop Tacori Rainbow Rings

Tacori Rainbow Stackable Rings



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