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75 Marriage Proposal Ideas

Summer Proposal

You have met the girl and you are ready to ask her to spend forever with you, but how exactly should you pop the question? It’s a lot of pressure to come up with something. You want it to be memorable, something she will love, and something that fits you guys as a couple. To help make things a little easier, we have rounded up the best marriage proposal ideas.

We have ideas for couples who like to travel, adventurous couples, pairs that like being outdoors, and simple, yet romantic ideas for the couples that want something more intimate. There are holiday-themed ideas in case you want to ask the love of your life to marry you this Christmas, but aren’t sure how to go about it. Check out the 75 proposal ideas we have come up with, should you get down on one knee and ask your SO one of the most important questions.

75 Marriage Proposal Ideas

1. Sunflower field

Drop down on one knee while surrounded by hundreds of sunflowers. It’ll not only be memorable but will be a stunning backdrop for images. You can even bring some sunflowers home with you to have as a keepsake.

2. Paper lanterns

Your soon-to-be fiancée will feel like she’s in a scene from Tangled if you propose among paper lanterns as they all light up the sky. As soon as you light yours together, get down on one knee while she’s watching it fly away. When she turns around, she’ll be shocked. Experience the magic of the Water Lantern Festival at Phalen Park Beach House in the Twin Cities. 

3. On Christmas day

Give her a gift she’ll always remember: an engagement ring. Wrap it so it looks like every other present and put it under the tree. On Christmas morning, put it in your pocket, and then once she’s opened everything else, tell her you have one more gift for her.

4. In front of a carousel

Carousels are so beautiful. Proposing in front of one and having one of your friends hiding out and taking pictures of the moment will result in some really cute images you guys can cherish forever. You can even go on a ride together after you pop the question.  Check out the carousel at Como Park.

5. On a helicopter ride

If you want to do something out of the blue, set up a date to go to dinner and a helicopter ride with Minnesota Helicopters. Then, when you’re in the air looking out at a romantic view, ask her to marry you.

6. At Sunset on the beach

You can’t go wrong with proposing while you’re on a beach at sunset. Since we are the land of 10,000 lakes, click here for the best beaches.

7. Skywriters

Want to really make a statement with your proposal? Hire skywriters to write “Marry me?” Have it planned for a certain day at a certain time so you can bring your special person outside. Then casually go on a walk together, point up and get down on one knee while she’s reading what’s in the sky.

8. At Disney World

This proposal is for the ultimate Disney lovers. Pick a place at the park, like Cinderella’s Castle, to propose in front of, or call Disney in advance and see if you can get help from the staff to get her favorite Disney character involved. It’ll be the most magical day.

9. During karaoke

If you and your girl love to karaoke, she’ll never see it coming if you do while singing. Pick a song to sing to her and then at the end, get down on one knee and ask her to marry you. She’ll be so surprised!

10. During an animal encounter

One way you can propose to the love of your life, who also happens to be a huge animal lover, is with an animal encounter. Many zoos will actually help you get an animal involved, like a giraffe or penguin if you call a few months in advance.

11. On a Ferris wheel

Want to propose during the summer? One cute option is to do it at a carnival while you’re riding on the Ferris wheel together. That’ll always be her favorite ride if you do that.

12. On a hot air balloon ride

While proposing in a hot air balloon may be pricey, if you can afford it, it’ll be so dreamy. You can even bring wine or champagne and toast after she says “Yes!”.

13. At a sporting event

If you’re a couple that goes to basketball games, baseball games, or footballs together a lot, why not propose there? You can even call ahead and get it written on the jumbotron. She’ll love it!

14. At a concert

Plan ahead and get tickets to your girl’s favorite band’s show. Make sure the tickets are close to the stage so that the artist will see you propose and congratulate you. Tip: Do it during one of their slow songs so fans won’t be jumping around.

15. On the radio

Does your sweetheart listen to the morning show of a specific radio station every morning? Call or email them and see if you can call in and propose to her on-air! She’ll never see it coming.

16. In your home

Proposals don’t have to always be over-the-top. Sometimes simple is better. If that’s more your style, have a romantic night in (make sure you both dress up) and then tell your SO you should take a photo, only secretly put your phone on video instead. Then, get down on one knee and pop the question.

17. At the aquarium

Turn a day trip to the Aquarium into a day you will never forget by proposing! It’ll be a one-of-a-kind proposal that she’ll cherish forever. If you call ahead, you can even talk to someone there to find the perfect spot to pop the question. Some aquariums may even be able to have a diver that can go into a huge tank and hold a “Will You Marry Him?” sign.

18. At a restaurant on your anniversary

Anniversaries are always special. Make yours even more special by proposing. If you want to, you can even gift your girlfriend with a manicure beforehand so she’ll have photo-ready nails for that night.

21. With your dog

What could be sweeter than getting your dog to help you ask the most important question in your life?  You can tie the ring to its collar and ask her to look at it. She’ll be so happy when she finds a ring and sees you down on one knee.

20. At a museum

Museums are breathtaking and make great places to propose in. If that sounds like a place you’d like to get engaged at, start by narrowing down which one to do it in and then go online to check out the museum so you can decide which exhibit you like best.

21. By the bean in Chicago

Located in Chicago’s Millennium Park, is one of the city’s most iconic sculptures: Cloud Gate, aka The Bean. It’s an iconic and special place that would be amazing to get engaged at.

22. Sky diving

To pull off this proposal, first make sure your other half would be up for going—otherwise you may have to come up with another idea. If she’s in, choose your skydiving center and make sure you tell them you want to propose so they can be in on the secret. Then, make sure you jump out first so you can be down on one knee and you can put down a banner that says “Will you marry me?” on it. You can also arrange for both of your families to be on the ground waiting for her so they can witness the proposal when she lands.

23. In a botanical garden

Um, talk about an amazingly beautiful place to get engaged. A botanical garden offers you tons of photo-worthy spaces to get down on one knee. From gorgeous fountains to luscious greenery to flowers galore, you can’t pick a bad spot to do it while you’re there.

24. With a cupcake

Here’s a sweet idea: propose with a cupcake! Don’t bake the ring into the sugary treat, though. Instead, order a bunch of cute cupcakes in her favorite flavor and write little notes that you can put on each one. Tell her you have a surprise for her and to read the notes. Make sure one of the notes says “Will you marry me?”

25. On a picnic date

Ask your partner out on a picnic date. In her mind, she’ll think you’ve planned a cute lunch, but what she won’t know is that you packed the basket with her favorite foods, her favorite wine and a sparkly ring!

26. With Santa’s help

This December, wait in line to get a picture with Santa for fun. When you’re getting ready to pose, quickly get down on one knee and you’ll get a picture to capture the special moment. It’ll be the Christmas present.

27. Use a fortune cookie

Did you know you can get a fortune cookie on Amazon with a fortune inside that says “Will you marry me?” Order one, and then use it to propose to the love of your life. You can bring it to a restaurant and act like it’s from there or you can order food in and act like it came with the meal.

28. In a treehouse

Has your SO always dreamed of staying over in a treehouse? The good news is, there are tons of them you can stay over at. Start looking for one that’s near you months before you actually want to propose because they book up fast. Once you find one, let your partner know you booked an overnight trip for them so they can take off work and then when the day finally arrives, you can not treat her to her dream place to stay over at, but you can also ask her to marry you there too.

29. On a canoe ride or kayak

An adventurous couple should have an adventure-themed proposal, which is why one that takes place while you’re doing something like canoeing or kayaking is right up your alley. It’s creative and involves things you both enjoy doing together. Plus, the scenery will be unreal.

30. On a campout

Are you and your partner an outdoorsy, nature-loving duo? Then, don’t plan a fancy dinner to propose. Instead, do it while you’re in your element, like camping. Find a special place that has amazing scenery that you can pitch a tent in and then whenever you feel is right, ask her to marry you. Don’t forget to bring some champagne in your bag to celebrate with.

31. Over Zoom

How 2021 would a proposal over Zoom be? If you are dating long-distance or if one of you travels a lot for work and you don’t want to wait until you’re together next to propose, there’s nothing wrong with popping the question this way. Make sure you dress up nice for it. You can even let her family know beforehand and have them waiting to join your Zoom call so you can all celebrate together.

32. On a dock at sunrise

If you want to avoid crowds for your proposal, don’t do it at sunset, do it at sunrise instead. They are just as pretty, but you’ll be able to have a more intimate setting.

33. At a Christmas tree farm

Is Christmas tree shopping one of your love’s favorite things to do each year? Make it even more memorable by proposing to her in a Christmas tree forest. It’ll be like she’s in her very own Hallmark movie.

34. With roses

Do you want a simple and classic proposal? Then, make sure it involves red roses! Get the number of roses that you have been together to make it a little more tailored to you.

35. While ice skating

If you want to propose while ice skating, scout out the different rinks in your area first so you’ll be able to pick the one you like most. Then, call ahead and tell them your plan so they can work with you to make it unforgettable. You can even ask them if they’d be able to play your guys’ song at one point so you can propose during it.

36. In front of the Colosseum

Going on a vacation to Rome with your partner is already a romantic gesture. However, going there and proposing in front of a historic landmark, like the Colosseum, would make it even more magical. If this sounds like something you’d like to do, you have to plan it in advance. Tip: make sure you go from October to April to ensure you have good weather.

37. Breakfast in bed

Who can resist a surprise breakfast in bed? To make it extra special, find a romantic breakfast recipe, like blueberry pancakes that you can serve on a breakfast tray. You can also include a candle, a champagne flute filled with mimosa and a sweet love note. After she reads the note, drop to one knee and ask her to be your wife.

38. Create a scavenger hunt

If you’re looking for a creative way to ask your partner to marry you, this is it. Start by thinking of a few special places that are meaningful for the two of you as a couple. Then, direct your SO to those places with clues. Make sure you notify those places about your plan and drop off your clues there in advance. Along the way, you can even add in fun stops to pamper your princess, like a nail appointment. Make sure the last place she goes is the spot you’re going to propose.

39. During a hike

There’s no denying it, there’s not a prettier spot to propose than while you’re out and about on a hike. Do it when you reach your destination point where the view is breathtaking.

40. In an apple orchard

Show her she’s the apple of your eye by taking her to an apple orchard and getting down on one knee. It’s the perfect place to get engaged in the fall. You can even invite her family to go with you so they can witness the special time.

41. In a tulip field

If you’ve never been to a tulip field, you’re missing out. They are colorful, heaven-like places on Earth that every girl disserves to visit at least once. Proposing there will be so dreamy.

42. On a romantic night stroll

A stroll through your neighborhood at night can be so romantic, especially when the lamp lights are on. If you know of a cute scenic route you can walk through, plan to propose there. Make sure you check the weather the week you want to do it so nothing will ruin it.

43. Hide it in her Easter basket

Get your girlfriend an Easter basket that is filled with plastic Easter eggs. Fill some with cute notes, others with heart candy and one with an engagement ring. When she opens the egg with the ring, she’ll be thrilled.

44. Where you had your first date

One special spot you and your SO will always cherish is the place where you had your first date. That’s why proposing there is a great idea. It’ll bring back all of the memories you guys have shared over the years and give that place another reason why it’s so dear to both of you.

45. In front of a fountain

Most cities have parks with pretty fountains in them. Do a little bit of exploring to find the best one in your town that would make a great proposal destination.

46. Come up with a treasure hunt

It’s time to put your DIY skills to the test and create a treasure map that has clues that’ll take her to the treasure, aka her ring! Have the ring hidden inside a treasure chest so when she’s opening it, she has no idea what’s inside.

47. At a salsa dance class

Sign yourself and your sweetheart up for salsa dancing classes. Before your last class, let the dance instructor know you want to propose and see if they’ll help you by asking if you guy can perform your routine in front of the class. When you’re finished dancing, propose!

48. With candles in your apartment

You’d be surprised what several candles can do to your apartment. Go to the store and stock up on white candles in all different heights. Then before your girlfriend comes home/comes over, arrange them and light them. Turn the rest of the lights off and stand on the other end of them down on one knee.

49. At the Grand Canyon

One of the most striking views you can see is at the Grand Canyon. If you and your SO are up for it, plan a trip there and when you reach a super-picturesque spot, don’t hesitate to ask them to marry you. It’ll be the cherry on top of your hike.

50. Hire a saxophone player

Jazz music is so romantic, which is one reason why hiring a saxophone player for your proposal is a great idea. If you and your love have a special song, you can even request it to be played for your big moment.

51. At a Christmas light festival

‘Tis the season….to propose! If you want to ask your SO to marry you during the holidays, ask around to see where the best Christmas lights are in town. Then, go there to check them out with your girlfriend and ask her to be your wife. It’ll be so magical.

52. In front of a waterfall

How beautiful would it be to get engaged in front of a waterfall? Do a little research and find one that looks amazing and is near you. Then, bring your partner on a date and when you get to your location, pop the question. You can even get another couple that you’re friends with involved by telling them your plan and having them tag along to take pictures of the moment.

53. With a string quartet

Plan ahead for this musical event by hiring a small string quartet to help you out. You can even pick the songs you want them to play for you and your SO. Then, have them perform them for you at your house.

54. At a family dinner

If your partner is close with their family, get them involved! How? There are lots of ways. You can have them hold up signs covering their faces saying “Will you marry me?” Then, after she says “Yes!” they can pull the signs down and reveal themselves. Or you can have them hiding somewhere during the proposal and they can run out afterward.

55. During fireworks

Talk about a wow-worthy proposal! The easiest way to arrange this is to propose on the 4th of July while you’re watching the fireworks together. You can even hire a photographer to be there and capture the moment.

56. With a Valentine's Day card

Make Valentine’s Day even more special with a proposal! Cut out a paper heart and write “Will You Marry Me?” inside it. It’ll be a card she’ll keep forever.

57. With a special birthday present

Birthday presents can be hard to think of, so why not have your present be an engagement ring? You can wrap it up in a pretty box and bow and give it to her the morning of her birthday and then shower her with love the rest of the day.

58. Under the Northern Lights

To make this dreamy proposal a reality, you really need to plan ahead. Start by researching the place you want to see the Northern Lights at, like Alaska or Iceland. Then, research the best time of the year to go. Once that is figured out, plan a trip there with your partner and make sure you’re there for several days in case it’s overcast and you’re not able to see the lights on the original day you wanted to propose.

59. On a ski lift

Write “Will You Marry Me?” in the snow in a place that is visible to you and your partner as you’re going up the ski lift. Then, point it out when you’re in the air.

60. At Harry Potter World

Head to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and propose! It’ll be a dream proposal for your HP-loving partner. You can even grab some butterbeer afterward to toast.

61. At a rooftop bar during sunset

Couples who live in a city with beautiful rooftops should think about getting engaged at a rooftop bar. There are so many with picture-perfect views and amazing food that would make great spots for popping the question. Go before sundown so you can even do it with the sunset.

62. In front of the Hollywood sign

If you’re looking for a location that’ll make an epic background for your proposal, consider using the Hollywood sign. It’s an iconic image and would look amazing in pictures.

63. Under twinkle lights in your backyard

Transform your backyard into an enchanting oasis with a bunch of twinkle lights. It’ll turn any space from drab to fab and make it totally proposal-worthy. You can buy strands of lights online or at stores, like Walmart or Target.

64. At the Great Wall of China

If you’re going on a dream vacation to Asia, propose at The Great Wall of China. It’s a beautiful structure and will be a great location to ask your best friend to marry you.

65. At a pumpkin patch

It’s no secret that fall is all about pumpkins, so why not incorporate them into your proposal and get engaged at a pumpkin patch? Check the weather to make sure it’s a sunny day so you’ll have good light for photos and then when she’s looking around for the perfect one, get down on your knee so she’ll turn around and see you.

66. With a flash mob

A flash mob proposal is something your girlfriend will be blown away by. If you want to do one, you have to start planning months in advance. The first nail down the song, make up the choreography, pick out the place and the date. Once that is decided, then round up the people you want to be involved and teach them the moves. Then, bring your girlfriend to the place it’s going to go down at and have fun.

67. At the Redwood Forest

Want to get married in a storybook setting? Consider going on a walk in the North Coast of California in the Redwood Forest. It’s a location right out of a fairy tale and will be a stunning place to get engaged.

68. On a gondola in Venice

If you’re planning a trip to Italy together, think of all of the romantic places you can pop the question. One place we suggest is during a gondola ride through Venice. It’ll be the sweetest moment.

69. In front of the Eifel Tower

What girl doesn’t dream about getting engaged in front of the Eifel Tower? It’s pretty much the dreamiest place. If you aren’t sure when to go, think about doing it at night when the tower’s twinkle lights are on.

70. At a masquerade ball

Why is a masquerade ball a great place to propose? You’ll both be dressed up, for one. It’ll also be a way to completely surprise her since she’ll already be pumped about going to the ball.

71. While horseback riding

If your SO has always wanted to go horseback riding, or if she’s obsessed with horses, ask her this way. It’ll be so romantic. You can ask her before you head out riding, during your riding session or afterwards.

72. When the ball drops on NYE

Want to start the next year off on a bang? Then propose at midnight when the ball drops on NYE. It’ll be an epic was to celebrate each year.

73. In Central Park

One of the prettiest parks in the country is Central Park in NYC. If you live in the area or are visiting, take your SO there and propose. One of the best times to be there is in the fall when all of the leaves are changing and the weather is just right.

74. During a meteor shower

Sometimes, the most romantic settings need no help from humans. That’s the case for this proposal idea. You’ll have to plan it out in advance, though, by making sure you look up dates of upcoming meteor showers so you’ll have the ring ready by then and you can make sure you let your girlfriend know you want to watch it together.

75. At the top of a rollercoaster

One fun way to propose is at an amusement park. When you’re on a roller coaster and getting ready to go down the first hill, look at your girlfriend and ask her to marry you. She’ll then scream “Yessssss!” on the way down the hill. Then you can give her the ring when you get off the ride

14 Men's Wedding Bands for Every Style

The engagement ring gets a lot of attention, picking out a groom's wedding band is also a crucial part of the wedding planning process.  The groom's ring is now available in a variety of styles and metals.  It's a special way to celebrate the groom with a with a ring that he will feel great about long after the 'I dos' have been said.

It's now common for guys to know what they want and pick it out themselves.


Most Minimalist
It doesn't get much more ageless than a slightly domed comfort fit platinum ring.   Available comfort fit band from 3mm to 10mm. The slight dome offers an uniform wedding ring look and since the style comes in a wide variety of metals, it can meet the needs of many budgets and preferences. 


Vintage Inspired
For the Tacori man in your life looking to express his unique style, this wedding band speaks for itself. Signature Tacori crescents line the profile of the ring to perfectly match any Tacori engagement ring.


Diamond Details
These eye-catching designs from Simon G pulls together a variety of distinct features for one unforgettable ring. Choose a diamond wedding band from any of our designers



Out of this World
If you are a fan of meteorite, this style is going to be your new favorite! Meteorite is already such a unique material that adding accents of rose gold truly brings out the intricate design in this wedding band.


Dinosaur Bands

Most Unique
If you are a fan of dinosaurs, this style is going to be your new favorite! The Dinosaur bone can be traced back to the late Jurassic Age and is found in the four corners of UT, AZ, NM, and CO. We offer 3 colors: Tan, Red, and Black!


Not Your Traditional Wedding Band
Damascus Steel rings are made by hand, mimicking ancient blacksmithing techniques originally used to make swords. A 8 mm wide Black Zirconium flat band with a 5 mm centered inlay of Woodgrain Damascus.


Free Tungsten Sports Band
Arthur's Jewelers offers a Free Tungsten Carbide wedding band with any Men's wedding band purchase over $500.  This is the perfect sports band to wear when you work out or travel.  Tungsten Carbide has been our most popular for the last 10+ years.  They are ​affordable starting at $199 - $500 and we offer free sizing for life for only $40 to cover shipping. 


For the Love of Nature
Whether you love building things, exploring nature or just like the look of the wood.  Whiskey barrel and yellow gold make this band a vision when designed with black zirconium as the base metal. These three materials together are something else!


Most Unexpected Buck's Antler
Bring a little bit of nature along with you everywhere you go! This Cobalt Chrome band has an inlay of Antler down the center and it is shining bright.  Share this with anyone that loves hunting.



Most Timeless
This timeless band shape will never go out of style and is elevated with a classic finish; stone, brush, high polish, wire matte, sandblast or satin.  The wedding band is also available on 14k white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum.


For The Sports Enthusiast
Celebrate your favorite sport without compromising on style with a 8mm baseball band.


Best Celtic Knot Design
The Celtic knot is the well-loved symbol of two souls bound by love and is proudly displayed between two beveled edges in this special cobalt chrome 7mm band.


Most Modern
Elysium wedding rings are the world's only rings made entirely out of diamond! Lightweight, hard and scratch-resistant. A modern & luxurious alternative to platinum or gold wedding bands.


Custom Design

Life is full of peaks and valleys, so celebrate the journey with the Teton mountain ring. The brushed -matte and high polished band comes in yellow and white gold with diamond features for a magnificent Teton mountain landscape design.



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Top 5 Wedding Ring Trends for 2022


Timeless doesn't have to be boring. Be inspired by the new trends and emerging designs can ensure that your ring will be something that’s on-trend now, but that you’ll love forever. Your engagement ring and wedding band should represent your personal style and your unique relationship.  Here are the 2022 trends on how the wedding and jewelry industry is embracing new and modern designs while remaining classic and everlasting.  



Bold & Edgy
Why settle for less when you could make a statement? Bold settings with edgy details are the must-watch trends for this year.  Wedding rings are fearless representations of love, commitment, and style for you and your partner. Hammered gold, spike detailing, and a mix of delicately set diamonds, these pieces are sure to be unique and eye-catching.



Contoured Stacks
Change the look of a ring without changing a thing. When layered together, your rings can create a personalized story that can be added to over the years while celebrating your many anniversaries and marriage milestones. Discover what contoured stacks, curved rings or enhancers are all about!



Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. This timeless pairing is sure to draw attention to your ring stack and will be the perfect accessory to any engagement ring. Choose from any diamond shape to enhance your engagement ring. 



Colorful Stones
Say "yes" to a colorful wedding band!  Whether your engagement ring is a classic diamond or a boldly colored gemstone, it can be perfectly paired with a vibrant wedding band to match your personal style.  Gemstone bands effortlessly provide a touch of color and intrigue to your engagement ring.



Toi Et Moi
A Toi et Moi ring is a bypass ring—a ring that coils around the finger—with two complementary gemstones. In French, "toi et moi" means "you and me." 
This type of ring is a stunning representation of  a design that ties souls together.  Your wedding band and engagement ring should feel just as right together as you and your partner when you finally say, “I Do”.




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