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Diamond Shapes and Prices

Can you guess the most affordable diamond shape?

The diamond shape directly influences the price of a diamond. The most popular diamond shape is round and they tend to be higher priced than other shapes because of the demand, the cost of manufacturing and the diamond's brilliance.

Arthur's Jewelers offers nine different fancy shapes, including princess, emerald, Asscher, cushion, marquise, radiant, oval, pear, and heart.

To show how shape affects the diamond price, we’ve pulled 10 differently shaped diamonds directly from our Diamond Search.


Fancy Diamond Shapes and Prices

To show how shape affects the diamond price, we’ve pulled 10 differently shaped diamonds directly from our Diamond Search. Diamond Search: 4C characteristics: Carat: 1-1.10, Cut: Very Good, Color: H, Clarity: SI2.

Round Diamond Round $4581 See Diamonds
Princess Diamond Princess $3416 See Diamonds
Cushion  $2509 See Diamonds
Asscher $2634 See Diamonds
Marquise $3912 See Diamonds
Oval $3681 See Diamonds
Radiant $2484 See Diamonds
Pear $3763 See Diamonds
Emerald $3838 See Diamonds
Heart $3575 See Diamonds

Diamond prices reflected from June 2018 and prices may change.

You can save more than 25% by choosing a fancy shaped diamond versus a round diamond of similar size and quality. 

Oval, Pear and Marquise diamonds are elongated and appear larger than a round diamond.

Engagement rings today are being created with fancy shape diamonds in nearly one-third of rings, the most popular shapes are a princess, cushion, and oval.

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