Designer: Anna Beck

Available at Arthur's Jewelers: ANNA BECK

Every piece of Anna Beck jewelry is handmade at our workshop in Bali. Our talented artisans honor one of the region's oldest handcrafted techniques to create our signature looks. Single discs are individually placed by hand onto a metal base in an intricate multi-step process, meaning each piece can take days to create. The cultural traditions of Bali and the artistry of our craftsmen come together, bringing to life are truly one of a kind pieces.

Like memories over the course of a lifetime, a woman collects jewelry - it becomes a part of her story. It starts with a singular piece of self-expression that turns into a narrative of self, and in turn connects her to the stories around her.  -Becky Anne

Anna Beck at Arthur's Jewelers White Howlite and Agate Collection



There are 2 collections that are released each year Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter, once the new collection is released the old collection is no longer available.
The core collection will always be available.





Design inspired with the intention of giving back to Bali, by providing quality health and emergency care for families and expectant mothers, through our partnership with the Bumi Sehat Foundation. Proceeds from every necklace in this collection support Bumi Sehat's beautiful mission and the sacred circle of life.

To learn more visit bumisehatfoundation.org


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