Arthur’s Jewelers has revolutionized the way diamond buying is done in Minnesota. This concept empowers the customer and sets new standards for quality, education, and value. You will be amazed by Minnesota’s largest selection of loose and mounted GIA, AGS and EGL certified diamonds complemented by an unsurpassed collection of the finest designers in the jewelry industry today. Arthur’s Jewelers offers a shopping experience that includes lifetime upgrade policies and money-back guarantees never before offered by jewelry retailers, which gives you total confidence in your purchase.
    Arthur’s Jewelers was voted the ''Most Outstanding Bridal Jewelry” by Minneapolis / St. Paul Magazine, plus they have been honored with many awards over the years by national, state and local organizations.


Anna Beck jewelry is created entirely by hand by skilled artisans using ancient Balinese techniques passed down from one generation to the next. Every aspect perfected, each detail considered, imparting a sense of their own culture’s history into each piece of jewelry.

ArtCarved: A Distinctive Heritage Of Innovation Since 1850

  Over a century ago the skilled ArtCarved artisans created the first seamless wedding rings allowing for greater comfort of fit. With innovation and craftsmanship at the heart of the brand, ArtCarved introduced the first "carved" wedding rings opening up a new world of design detail and styling. But it wasn't just the rings that ArtCarved changed, as soldiers went off to WWII ArtCarved popularized the dual ring ceremony so that both spouses could have a symbol of their love and commitment. This 'new' tradition has become the standard for how couples now symbolize the meaning of 'I do'.

At Chris Ploof Designs we believe in quality. We are not content with cookie-cutter, stamped out jewelry. We believe in creating unique and special rings that celebrate the importance of the union of two people.
  Each ring begins with Chris in the design process, and every single item he designs also passes a review by our skilled artisans. As a team, we make sure that, in addition to being beautiful, the design will stand the test of time.
  In the end, your jewelry is handcrafted in our Rhode Island studio requiring no less than fifty steps per item, some pieces taking well over five hundred steps! A quality inspection is a final step, just before the jewelry is shipped express insured to you.
The team we have assembled at Chris Ploof Designs is comprised of the best of the best, true experts in the field of quality jewelry making.

Christopher Slowinski founded Christopher Designs in 1976. Born in Poland, Slowinski apprenticed under master jewelry craftsmen in his native country and in the United States. Today, he combines his classic jewelry training with modern technology to create exclusive designs that include his patented Crisscut® stones.
  The original Crisscut® was launched with great fanfare: the arrangement of the 77 (versus the generic 48) “crisscrossed” facets redefined just how brilliant a diamond could be. This facet arrangement was initially used for emerald shapes and later for the Crisscut® Cushion.

The Citizen Eco-Drive technology harnesses the power of light – from any natural or artificial light source – and converts it into energy which is stored in a permanently rechargeable lithium-ion cell. It recharges continuously in any kind of light to run forever. Each year hundreds of millions of watches are left in drawers at home because the batteries stop working and aren’t replaced. Eco-Drive timepieces break that cycle and deliver an outstanding range of benefits for today’s consumer.

The notion of "Classic Becomes You" is at the heart of the DIANA design philosophy. Capturing the elegant sophistication that is the hallmark of enduring design, there is a timeless quality crafted into every detail.
  Designers with access to the rich heritage of DIANA archives reinterpret timeless designs with the fashion sense that today's bride and groom are seeking. From feminine, lace like elegance, or micro pave bridal sets, to bold wedding band statements, all DIANA rings are a reflection of the commitment of a lifetime that bridal jewelry represents.

Dogeared was born on the beautiful beaches of Southern California in 1991. Founder Marcia Maizel-Clarke believed jewelry could be both beautiful and meaningful, and her idea that jewels should speak sparked the creative journey now known as Dogeared.

Dogeared believes good things happen. Each piece tells a story of individuality, self-expression, love, and friendship. Dogeared jewels are simple, modern, and versatile, inspired by California’s free spirited, natural beauty. Subtle classics, eclectic statements, and true originals… designed in the spirit of love, kindness, and consciousness and handcrafted to order in their Southern California Studio.

Dogeared lives by their philosophy that what goes around comes around by handcrafting everything locally, respecting the planet, and partnering with non-profit organizations that share their vision of a better world. 


Award-winning jewelry designer Denny Wong is known for incorporating a palette of vibrant colored gems, impeccable workmanship, and attention to detail. Patrons worldwide have been captivated by the unique designs.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Denny Wong has made his home in Hawaii since 1974. His designs are inspired by the natural beauty of Hawaii and his love for the islands. Denny’s famous Plumeria collection captures the beauty of the islands’ famous flower. The Deep Blue Treasure collection recreates Hawaii’s vast array of sea animals, including dolphins, turtles and seals, all in 14K gold and diamonds.  A selection from any one of the collections is the perfect, quintessential keepsake of Hawaii.

Every Doves piece begins with a pencil and a sketch board. As a designer, Doron Hakimian combines 18 karat gold, diamonds, and precious gemstones to create unique treasures. Doron grew up in a family of precious gemstone manufacturers, he decided to pursue his other passion, architecture. He received his architecture degree, and several awards in the field, including the prestigious American Institute of Architects design award.  His attention to detail produces dramatic creations, yet it’s his unrelenting pursuit of perfection that sets his designs apart from the pack.

   Since 1994 Dora has been combining the finest gold, titanium, platinum, palladium, and diamonds to create rings that unite modern design with a timeless style, that marries the latest technology with true hand craftsmanship. Rings that are more than simply beautiful, they’re a reflection of the best in us and something that will last a lifetime.

The Dora Mission

  Our mission is to design, manufacture and distribute a full range of innovative, high quality, yet affordable wedding rings that reflect the unique taste of the individuals that will be wearing them.

Fana Logo

Fana handcrafts every piece themselves with extraordinary care. Their master craftsmen create unique designs in their own workshop and their specialists individually inspect and certify each piece to meet the highest standards of quality and beauty. Fana puts all of their expertise, pride, and soul into every detail for the most authentic expression of love and joy.

For generations, Fana has found happiness in helping couples celebrate their one-of-a-kind love through extraordinary jewelry. Each piece they craft is made with love and for love. Because we believe in expressing the most powerful force on Earth.  

Hearts on Fire
Hearts On Fire became the world's first branded diamond, the only diamond in the entire world whose diamond is deemed perfectly cut every single time. Hearts On Fire diamonds have a brilliant difference that you can actually see, a perfection seen nowhere else in the world. The Hearts On Fire Brand was born and the diamond renowned as The World's Most Perfectly Cut Diamond® was officially created.  Today, Hearts On Fire has rapidly evolved into the highest standard of diamond cutting perfection, a standard that all others strive to live up to.

JudeFrances Jewelry offers something for women of all ages. The endless combinations of the JudeFrances categories including the signature earring hoop and charm concept, stackable gold bangles, long layering chains and pendants, stylish cocktail rings and simple gold stackers, allow the JudeFrances collector to create a style distinct to her.

Adding another component to the ever popular JudeFrances earring hoop and charm silhouette, the now coveted earring charm frame creates endless Ways to Wear. Combining the JudeFrances 18K gold and diamond hoop earrings with any number of earring charms and earring charm frames create limitless style possibilities. 

Say Yes with Karl!

Founded by fashion luminary Karl Lagerfeld, one of the world's most renowned and visionary designers, the KARL LAGERFELD brand is rooted in accessible-luxe styles that are iconic with a cutting-edge approach to style. His unique vision is now brought to bridal jewelry with a collection inspired by the brand's signature design codes and unique DNA. "The rings had to express something that concerns the heart and real feelings," Karl Lagerfeld says, "It has to be a symbol of a real wish of engagement."

KARL LAGERFELD bridal jewelry has a touch of Parisian sophistication and flair. Showcasing three collections inspired by brand patterns, offerings echo characteristics from pointed stud motifs, geometric shapes, and Parisian architecture, and each piece is created to reflect the highest level of artisanal quality.

Kendra Scott


Kendra Scott is a loving mom, a driven entrepreneur, and a passionate designer who believes the truest form of success is giving back in a meaningful way.

As a creative mind with a love of natural gemstones, Kendra designed her first collection of jewelry in 2002. The foundation of Kendra’s success has been her infectious energy and entrepreneurial spirit, which took her from a $500 project in the spare bedroom of her home to a billion-dollar fashion brand loved globally. Known for her unique use of color and quality materials, Kendra has created collections of timeless pieces that have won over loyal fans, media and celebrities alike.

Rings with meaning. Rings that tell a story. Rings that make a difference. 

Wedding rings represent what we most treasure – the never-ending love and commitment shared between two people. The eternal round is the simplest of symbols. It simultaneously honors both the past and the future. Anciently, wedding rings were made of only the most precious metals, a symbol in and of itself. Today, rings are made of many materials to match the lifestyles, tastes, and history of the diverse people who wear them. 

At Lashbrook, we give you the freedom to create your own ring. You don’t have to settle for what someone else thinks is a great style. Instead, you choose the materials, the design, the engraving – everything. It’s your ring. 

We’re here to make you the ring that tells your story – that represents you, your spouse and your union.

MICHAEL M is a Los Angeles-based luxury bridal and fashion jewelry company started in 2008 by Michael Meksian and his son, Peter. Known for masterfully handcrafted pieces, MICHAEL M designs show unique under-stone polishing and a custom blend of alloy metals. Milligrain details, hand-engraving and meticulous attention to detail set us apart, making us a favorite amongst our retail partners and clients.

Michael Meksian wanted to bring European-style sophistication and elegance into the jewelry industry, creating exquisite designs that speak to today’s modern woman. Our love of the European is best reflected in the distinctive Euro-style shanks featured in many of our designs. Another MICHAEL M bridal hallmark is the U-set. Requiring master craftsmanship and expert diamond-setting skills, this technique requires each diamond to be set in a U-shaped carriage that embraces the edges of the diamond. The U-set diamonds are viewable from every possible angle, allowing the coruscating diamond to shine for maximum brilliance.

Every MICHAEL M design is granted a personalized serial number and Certificate of Authenticity to ensure it is a genuine MICHAEL M design. We have great confidence in our craft and offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our products. This is a promise to clean, refurbish, and--as unlikely as it may be--even replace diamond melee from normal wear. It is more than just a promise: it is how the MICHAEL M brand was built.

His name is Simon Ghanimian. Growing up, his parents handed down the values of honesty and hard work to all their children. They were taught that if you could build something with your hands, you'd never go hungry. That led to his start in making jewelry. And before long, what started as a hobby became Simon's passion. After a few years. he made the journey from Beirut to Los Angeles, where he decided to open his own business. But when he went to register at City Hall, the clerk told him his name was too long. And that's the day Simon Ghanimian became Simon G.
   My how things have changed since then. In the beginning, it was just his wife, Silva, and himself. Now, there are over 60 people working at Simon G. They have designers from all around the world. And their work is sold in over 900 locations. But, as proud as he is of what he's accomplished, Simon still gets his biggest thrill from creating a new piece.



Qalo Silicone rings are timeless and stamped with their badge of commitment. The silicone ring was created to ensure comfort internally and years of durability externally.  It will join you on any adventure from the triathlon to the tractor.  As reliable as an ol' truck and built to last.

The Sylvie Bridal Collection is my celebration of femininity and romance. It is timeless, with modern sensibilities and, because beauty should have no boundaries, it is also designed to create a new standard for affordable luxury. The Collection is organized into style categories that each represent a specific facet of love, such as tenderness, passion, eternity, and union.
   A lifetime of being around diamonds, beginning with my early years in Antwerp, has taught me how to enhance their presence when set in jewelry. Center stones of any size or shape can be used in my rings, and are highlighted by unique mountings capable of enhancing even smaller sizes. Each piece within the Collection symbolizes the relationship of a lifetime, so I am committed to making sure that they are exquisitely crafted to the highest standards of detail and quality.


The Tacorian family’s proud tradition of passion is expressed in everything they create. Spanning four decades, Tacori designs have fused classic elegance with modern inspiration, creating some of the world’s most highly regarded and exquisite jewelry. The Tacori legacy begins with Haig Tacorian, patriarch of the family, who in 1969 left Europe to start a new life in the United States. In California, Haig and his wife Gilda devoted themselves to creating fine jewelry with a unique and distinctive European flair. Haig is still the father of the company, with his son Paul and daughter Nadine, as well as several other Tacorian family members, all carrying on the family tradition of passion, quality, attention to detail and personal customer care.


Tissot, with its signature 'Innovators by Tradition', has been pioneering craftsmanship and innovation since its foundation in 1853. Today Tissot is a member of the Swatch Group, the world's largest watch producer and distributor. The company has always had its home in the Swiss watchmaking town of Le Locle in the Jura Mountains but now also has a presence in 160 countries.
   As official timekeeper and partner of FIBA, AFL, MotoGP™, FIM Superbike and the World Championships of cycling, fencing and ice hockey, Tissot is committed to respecting tradition, underlining its core values of performance, precision and setting new standards.

TISSOT 2018 from Arthur's Jewelers on Vimeo.

In his over 20 year career as a designer of fine jewelry for some of the most well known names in jewelry manufacturing, Barry Verragio has learned the value of craftsmanship and dedication to quality.
  Barry studied at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Having mastered ring design, Barry eventually paved his way to establishing his own company, based on the development of his exclusive setting technique. Barry Verragio is the innovator and creator of the exclusive Lumino Setting, a revolutionary setting technique that suspends the stone, exposing all facets to light.
  Barry's hands on approach with his retail establishments allows him first hand feedback as to exactly what today's consumer is looking for in an engagement ring. Being creatively involved in changing what is offered to fit changing consumer demand is what drives Barry's motivation today.

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