Visual Brilliance

It has been known for decades that two diamonds of ideal proportions, with the same color and clarity grade, can have significantly different Light Performance or beauty. The Beauty is dependent upon a number of factors such as brilliance, scintillation, fire, brightness, and sparkle. All of these factors can be summarized as Light Performance. The GemEx Diamond Light Performance Certificate is the only certificate to quantify and qualify your diamond’s beauty.


The only way to measure a diamond’s true beauty is with the GemEx BrillianceScope.

GemEx Systems Inc. has developed an instrument that scientifically records a diamond’s light performance or, essentially, its beauty. The BrillianceScope uses the approach of specifically measuring the light that is returned through the diamond; it provides a scientific and objective method of evaluating a diamond using clear visual images. Read more about GemEx at www.gemex.com

The BrillianceScope measures the three components of sparkle:

White Light (Commonly referred to as brilliance.) The BrillianceScope Analyzer measures the percentage of the diamond returning bright white light to the observer.

Colored Light(Commonly referred to as fire.) The BrillianceScope Analyzer measures the percentage of the diamond returning bright colored light to the observer.

Scintillation(“Scintillation is the term used for changing colors, the radiance and sparkle of the rays when the stone is moved or when the light source changes.” Diamond Grading ABC, Varena Pagel-Theisen.) The BrillianceScope Analyzer measures the number of light points and determines how they change from position to position.

These three factors summarize the light performance of a diamond and make purchasing a diamond easy for you, the consumer. Any store that does not offer this certificate with their diamonds is hiding quality.


Light Performance for 95% of All Diamonds

Light Performance of Arthur’s Diamonds


The only way to guarantee that you are purchasing a visually brilliant diamond is with the GemEx Diamond Light Performance Certificate.

At Arthur’s, every diamond is accompanied by a GemEx Diamond Light Performance Certificate.

We know that 95% of diamonds are cut for weight retention and not for beauty. The cut quality of a diamond is responsible for 45% of its value and 90% of its brilliance.

This state-of-the-art technology allows the consumer to compare diamonds and see the actual brilliance differences.

Other stores do not provide this certificate, even though they have access to this technology. They choose not to provide the cut grades or the visual brilliance report on their diamonds to enable them to make more profit on their diamonds.

At Arthur’s, we encourage you to use the GemEx BrillianceScope. to examine diamonds in a way only few jewelers in the country can provide. You get to see one of the truest measures of a diamond’s light performance right before your eyes and decide which dia mond is right for you.


The GemEx Diamond Light Performance Certificate is the most important certificate to accompany your diamond.

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