Fire Cushion Diamond

Fire Cushion Diamonds

Less than 1 out of every 1,000 cushion diamonds in the world are classified as “Excellent” Polish and Symmetry by the GIA.  Every Fire Cushion is “Excellent” for Polish and Symmetry.

Most cushion diamonds are classified as “modified”, since they have extra facets around the girdle to retain more weight before the pavilion facets start.  The traditional cushion has ½ moon facets arranged below the girdle to retain 15-30% more weight from the rough.  The Fire Cushion is graded as “Brilliant” like a round because the pavilion facets are arranged like a round diamond.  They start at the girdle which allows for less light leakage and more symmetrically aligned facets for more brilliance.

The Fire Cushion will appear 15% larger than a traditional cushion cut diamond.  A .90ct Fire Cushion will have a larger diameter than the typical 1.00ct cushion. The Fire Cushion is cut within a 1.05-1 or less ratio, creating a squarer cushion.  When a cushion is cut more rectangular, there is more light leakage in the diamond and creates dark spots to the naked eye.

The Fire Cushion is the closest fancy shape to an “Ideal Cut” round for light performance.  Most cushion diamonds score in the 50-70% for light return.  The Fire Cushion is in the 95% (average) range. Each Fire Cushion is accompanied by a GIA lab report, GCAL light performance report, and we will provide a Gemex Light Performance Report. 

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