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Diamond - the word itself is enough for one's jaw to drop. These beautiful and enchanting stones have something magical about them. Whether tiny or huge, diamonds know how to make an impact. With an unmatched brilliance, diamonds are used in a number of jewelry items including earrings, rings, necklaces and more. ...Read More
Diamond jewelry is available in a huge variety. The differentiation in each is defined according to the cut, clarity, carat and color. Based on four parameters, the quality of diamonds is judged. The charm of diamonds is such that one can fall for it in the first look. Rings studded with diamonds make an impressive wedding ring. The stone looks beautiful in a range of metals such as rose gold, yellow gold, tungsten carbide, silver, palladium and a number of others.

At Arthur's Jewelers we offer a classis range of designer and wedding diamond jewelry for men and women that is carved in precious metals and stones such as diamonds. We judge the diamonds on the parameters mentioned here and have also put up all the specifications about diamonds on our website.

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