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Women's Necklaces

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Chic, bold or simplistic - necklaces have been an important part of every woman's jewelry closet since time immemorial. Though at times a simple gold or silver chain with a minimalistic locket suffices jewelry necklaces need to be reserved for occasions when wearing jewelry just for the sake of wearing it is not the purpose. ...Read More
Necklaces are for times and occasions when you need to flaunt your diamonds and your gold. It is one of those pieces of your ensemble wearing which you aim to kill! Jewelry necklaces that match with your style (and of course with the outfit that you are wearing) can add oodles of charm to your personality.

Overall, you must look for a neckpiece that enhances your facial features. Designer necklaces can also add to your height or create illusionary slimming effect. No, this is no marketing gimmick. It is science! If you wear a delicate neckpiece, your otherwise broad shoulders can look sleeker. Heavy neckpieces or chokes should not be worn by you in case you have a short neck.

Search for some modern and contemporary jewelry necklaces that we at Arthur's Jewelers feature, bringing together the works of different designers. Whether you want your neckpiece studded with diamonds or something that has been elaborately carved in a simple yet spellbinding fashion, we have it at Arthur's!

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