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sterling silver Jewelry

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Like all other alloys, sterling silver contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals, by mass. In sterling silver, copper is used along with silver so as to make the metal sturdier. When one compares sterling silver to fine silver, one finds out that fine silver has 99.9% pure silver in it. ...Read More
It is believed that this metal was first discovered in Europe. It is also believed that this metal was being used commercially in the 12th century in Germany. As far as the name sterling silver is concerned, it is believed that it has been derived from the term steorling that means 'little star'. Silver jewelry has always been in fashion and will continue to be trendy for ages to come. Even sterling silver is a choice of many because of the durability that it offers.

In case you are looking for jewelry made out of sterling silver, check out the beautiful range of earrings and more available at Arthur's Jewelers- your one stop shop for all wedding and designer jewelry. When it comes to sterling silver jewelry such as Sterling Silver Fashion Rings, we feature exclusive designs that will stun and surprise the passersby.

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