Tacori Engagement Ring

The Ten Rules a Tacori Gentleman needs to know to select the perfect engagement ring and pop the question:

  • Know your budget. You want to put a budget together for an amount that is realistic for your life and style, and then get the best quality within your budget. Know that you will need to purchase both a diamond AND a "mounting" for your diamond, so divide your budget into those two buckets.
  • Know her style. A diamond is usually a perfect fit for every style, but be sure to consider the style of the "mounting" too! Remember, she will be wearing this ring for the rest of her life, every day. You, and she, want to make sure that the style of the ring fits her personal style and is reflective of her taste as well as yours. Is it colorful with rose gold or yellow gold? Are there delicate diamonds set along the ring? Be sure to consider her style as you make these decisions.
  • Get her ring finger size. This one is important to get -- so that her ring fits perfectly when you present it to her. It's best to have her ring finger professionally sized by a jeweler, but you can also ask her friends or family, or use a ring of hers that she wears as a size guide.
  • Platinum vs. Gold. Platinum is a naturally white metal that 80% of brides indicate is their classic preference. Or, she may adore yellow gold or rose gold, and we love to celebrate color! Whichever metal is her (and your) preference, be ready to make an informed decision on this.
  • Get the best you can - within your budget. This ring will be worn for a lifetime, and will be an enduring part of your love story for generations. We recommend going for the best quality you can, while still staying within your budget. Diamonds are sexy, but going into debt isn't.
  • Time it right. Give yourself a few months to put everything together. You don't want to rush into anything and make hasty decisions. You'll want several months to save for this purchase, to allow for your research, and to find the perfect ring (which may take several weeks to receive after ordering it). And of course, you'll want to plan the proposal as well, which can take weeks or months, depending on how elaborate your plan is. Many people propose while on vacation or for significant events like birthdays or holidays -- so give yourself the time to make this right.
  • Family ties. There are many ways that the family can be involved, depending on your personal preferences and relationships, and the decision will ultimately be yours regarding how private you want your proposal plans to be. Family and friends can offer insights about their own experience in this situation, and this can often make the whole process go more smoothly as you start to look for the perfect engagement ring and plan your proposal, and ultimately, your life together.
  • Plan the proposal. To celebrate all the time and effort you’ve taken to select the perfect ring, we suggest making your proposal as romantic, as personal, as unique and individual as you possibly can. Come up with something creative and distinctly you.
  • To surprise or not to surprise. One part is choosing and purchasing the perfect engagement ring, and the second part is the proposal. However, the “surprise or not to surprise” question is still there. If surprising her is important, we suggest making the proposal the surprise. You can always surprise her with the time, place and method of proposal.
  • Fulfill her dreams. Whether your girlfriend is classic or less traditional, whether it’s a big dream or a small dream, she has probably been thinking about this day. Do something that’s memorable and suitable, because this will become the “proposal story” that you, and she, will be telling for the rest of your lives as she shows off her spectacular engagement ring.

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