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What's in a watch anymore? When the world already has technology like mobiles, on the run, why would anyone bother to wear a watch anymore? While most of us do not adorn one on our wrists normally, for certain people, a watch is more than a time-telling machine. It can a be valued gift by someone special, a souvenir or maybe just a lucky-charm. ...Read More
Watches fore men have become a lot more than what they were a decade back. They have changed not just in the face but also in functionality.

However, when it comes to jewelry watches - just about everything from the dial of the watch to the fine needles - is about appeal. These watches are of course not regular wear wardrobe essentials. A watch that you purchase just for the sake of adorning your wrists with on special days or for occasions that come once in a lifetime, above anything else, need to be picture perfect!

Designed and set in precious metals like gold, platinum or silver, fashion jewelry watches are now a classic luxury item that showcases your interest in fashion. While a vintage watch makes a good enough present, the chutzpah of a designer piece is inimitable.

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