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COMING SOON:  Love Tacori! (The Campaign) 💙

Our mission is simple: we want more people falling in love with Tacori!

LOVE TACORI is a first-ever national campaign, and in this exciting new campaign, five lucky winners will be awarded.

This Five-Month Flagship Campaign will run from Monday, July 15 – Tuesday, December 31.

Starting in July, Tacori and Arthur's Jewelers will ask Tacori lovers to visit our store to enter to win this incredible prize package from Tacori.  

Tacori will award a total of $100,000 in Tacori jewelry at MSRP, with a prize value of $20,000 of Tacori jewelry at MSRP to each winner.

Tacori will select five (5) winners, approximately one per month for the program duration.

Win $20K with #LoveTacori campaign

What TACORI ring would you choose with $20,000? 

To Win: 

Visit Arthur's Jewelers and take photos of yourself and friends trying on Tacori Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands and Tacori Jewelry.

Simply post on Instagram with #LoveTacori and #LoveArthurs

Our mission is simple: we want more people falling in love with Tacori!

There is something undeniable about putting a piece of jewelry on and dreaming about the chance to shine. Gems and jewels and designs come to life when worn. 

This is especially true with Tacori jewelry, which is handcrafted in California from the finest materials and has so much intense artistry imbued within every piece. (more than 40 hands may touch a piece before it is “complete” and goes to the hands of our customers)

We believe that when people try on Tacori, they will LOVE TACORI.

Look for more details about LOVE TACORI coming soon!

Custom Design: Amelia Ring

Custom designed engagement ring for the client that wanted diamonds from every angle. This gorgeous ring is called the Amelia Ring. 


Custom Designed Amelia ring


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Custom Design: Geralyn Ring

Custom designed Geralyn Ring

This ring was custom designed for our client Geralyn, the ring was completely made in platinum and features 4 pear-shaped diamonds and 48 round brilliant diamonds that weigh 2.36 carats total weight.  Here are more photos, enjoy!

Custom designed Geralyn Ring Custom designed Geralyn Ring

Custom designed Geralyn Ring Custom designed Geralyn Ring

Custom designed Geralyn Ring Custom designed Geralyn Ring

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Custom Design: Brinley Ring

Here is a custom designed ring for a customer, we are calling this the Brinley Ring.  Our customer wanted this halo ring custom designed for a 1.00 carat lab-grown diamond.

Custom Designed: Brinley Ring  

Here are more CAD photos that were completed.

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Jewelry Repair


How much will it cost?

Most of our repairs cost approximately $25-$200. To receive an accurate estimate, stop by Arthur's Jewelers with your piece of jewelry so we can inspect what needs to be done.  Multiple factors can impact the cost of jewelry repair.

Is there anything you won’t work on?

We can not work on jewelry that is made of tungsten carbide or titanium.

Will you still work on my piece even if I didn’t purchase it from Arthur's Jewelers?

Yes, our repair team works with all types of jewelry regardless of where it was purchased.


What all do you offer with repair work?

Our expert repair team can handle nearly any jewelry repair job you can imagine. Here are some of the more common jewelry repair jobs we perform:

  • Sizing rings
  • Pearl Re-Stringing
  • Refinishing jewelry
  • Engraving
  • Repairing chains and links
  • Resetting stones
  • Fixing prongs and replacing crowns 
  • Complete jewelry restoration
  • Replacing earring backs and findings
  • Adding new clasps to necklaces and bracelets
  • Soldering rings together
  • Rhodium plating (making white gold look white again)

Arthur's Jewelers can custom design any jewelry from your old diamonds or gemstones.

Get started on Custom Design HERE

What is the perfect Diamond Shape?

Shop Engagement Rings by Diamond Shapes

There are many loose diamond shape options available.  We will help you find the perfect loose diamond shape and engagement ring that fits her lifestyle. Explore the current, most unique rings that will best tell your love story.  Explore our selection of Engagement Rings by Diamond Shape.


Which Diamond shape is the most sought after? 

Round diamonds are the most expensive, but the most brilliant of all the shapes and the most sought after. Followed by oval, marquise, and Asscher. Step cuts like emerald and Asscher, are not known for brilliance though they shine in a different way, with an array of prisms.


Shop Round Diamond Rings

Shop Round Diamond Engagement Rings

What is the most affordable diamond shape?

The prices show that the emerald cuts are the least expensive quality for quality. However, the emerald cut is usually sought after in higher quality grades because of its window-like appearance. The emerald, oval, Asscher, princess and cushion cut diamonds will be less expensive because of the weight retention in cutting these shapes, but the loss of sparkle in comparison to the round diamond creates less demand for them.




Shop Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

Shop Emerald Diamond Engagement Rings

What is the best diamond shape?

The round diamond is the most brilliant shape and will disperse the most brilliance in comparison to others. Shape refers to the appearance of the stone, and the cut, to the diamond's ability to reflect light. Most diamond shapes are round, square (cushion), rectangular (princess, asscher, emerald, radiant) heart-shaped, pear-shaped, oval or marquise. 


 Shop Round Diamond Rings

Shop Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond 4C's  - What is the most important characteristics of buying a diamond?

  • Cut -The most important because it has the greatest influence on a diamond's sparkle.
  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Carat
  • Shape
  • Certification

 Learn more about the 4C's

Learn More about Diamond Education

What diamond shape sparkles the most?

  • Most Brilliant: Round
  • Extremely Brilliant: Oval, Marquise, and Pear
  • Very Brilliant: Heart and Princess
  • Brilliant: Cushion, Emerald, Asscher, and Radiant
  • Less Brilliant: Baguette-cut

 Shop Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

Shop Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

What are the rarest diamonds in the world?

  • Red Diamonds are the rarest diamonds in the world.
  • Blue Diamonds are the second rarest fancy color.
  • Pink diamonds have a very high demand which can only be compared to fancy yellow diamonds.
  • Orange Diamonds
  • Green Diamonds

 Shop Loose Diamonds

Shop Diamond Engagement Ring with Color Accent

Which diamond shape looks the biggest?

  • Marquise has the largest surface area of all shapes.
  • Pear has one pointy end that makes the diamond longer.
  • Oval's stretched out shape looks bigger than round.
  • Emerald the rectangular shape appears larger.

 Shop Marquise Diamond Rings

Shop Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring

 What diamond shapes are making a comeback?

Oval and Pear-shaped diamonds are making a huge comeback as a chic alternative to the ever-popular round. Not only do they appear larger in a carat to carat comparison with a round diamond, but they also typically cost less.


 Shop Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

Shop Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

What is a princess-cut diamond?

The princess cut (the technical name "square modified brilliant") is a diamond cut shape used in engagement rings. The cut has a square or rectangular shape when viewed from above, and from the side is similar to that of an inverted pyramid with four beveled sides.


Shop Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

What is Her Engagement Ring Style?

There are so many engagement ring styles and loose diamond options available.  We will help you find the perfect engagement ring and loose diamond that fits her lifestyle. Explore the current, most unique rings that will best tell your love story.

With an in house designer and 5 master craftsmanship and thousands of loose diamonds to choose from, we'll help you find a one-of-a-kind engagement ring that is just as perfect as she is. You can also use any of these styles as inspiration to create a custom engagement ring.

Explore our selection of engagement ring styles, including vintage, classic, glamorous, romantic, trendy and more.



Antique, Art Deco, Vintage, Bead Setting

Known for their impeccable, intricate details and elaborate designs, vintage engagement rings are inspired by the romantic styles that first appeared in the jewelry fashion world years ago.

Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings





Halo, Double Halo, Platinum, Rings with large Diamonds

For the bold and confident woman who isn't afraid of a little extra bling, our collection of glamorous diamond engagement rings are sure to impress.

The more sparkle, the better.

Glamorous Diamond Engagement Rings



Three-Stone, Cathedral, Channel-Set, Prong-Set, Halos

When choosing an engagement ring, there is a fine balance between finding a style that is personal and unique, and one that will stand the test of time like a classic ring.

Classic Diamond Engagement Rings



Split Shank, Bezel-Set, Unique Halo and Three-Stone


View our most unique engagement rings, including non-traditional diamond rings, split shank, bezel set, colored gemstone rings, and custom rings. At Arthurs every ring is available in rose gold, yellow gold, white gold or platinum, we can fit almost every diamond shape into the center.

Unique Diamond Engagement Ring




Solitaire, Thin, Delicate, Dainty

For the woman who shines all on her own, choose a simple engagement ring and let her be the one to shine.  

Classic Diamond Engagement Rings




Rose Gold, Floral, Pave-Set 

Known for the rose gold, their intricate details, and elaborate designs, romantic engagement rings are inspired by floral, boho or a vintage-inspired styles.

Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings



Two-Tone, Twist, Color Accent or Sapphire Rings

The Trendy engagement ring style is perfect for the woman that is fashion-forward and wants the coolest, hottest engagement ring with a unique twist or accent color.


Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring

Shop Diamond Engagement Rings

Celebrate Color with Ruby or Sapphire Eternity Bands

For those trend forward brides who lean towards options, they're looking less for the traditional solitaire or wedding band and looking for more color with different gemstones, or even an unusual eternity band.  These two trends make the Tacori new Ruby and Sapphire Eternity bands exceptionally attractive. You get a major lux look that's totally unique and versatile enough to build a power ring stack, without the big price of diamonds. 

When Tacori posted this Sapphire eternity band on Instagram last year, it instantly became their most viral ring of the year. And then when they posted the Ruby and Sapphire ring later in December, their website search traffic for "Ruby" increased by more than 300%!  This isn't yet a mainstream look, which is why we expect to see celebrating color with rubies and sapphire eternity bands begin to emerge big in 2019.

 All of the Tacori RoyalT bands are available with Sapphires, Rubies, or Diamonds. The choice is yours.

Tacori Sapphire and Diamond Eternity Bands  Ruby and Diamond Tacori Eternity Bands



Top 5 Must-Have Jewelry Items Every Woman Needs
Jewelry Items Every Woman Needs!

Diamond Earrings

Studs, hoops, dangles and other styles to make her think of you every time she wears them.

Sparkling styles she will wear close to her heart and treasure forever

Bold & Beautiful rings that come in all shapes,sizes & designs


Stunning styles to make her every gesture absolutely riveting.

You can't go wrong with this timeless classic.

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Custom Design: Jayanna Ring

Here is a custom designed ring for Jayanna.  She wanted to use her grandmother's diamond and she wanted an engagement ring that was unique but simple.


Here is the process from a CAD Drawing to Real Life:


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