Pantone color of the year: Ultra violet


There are so many ways to rock this rock & roll hue.  From Tacori Lilac Blossoms to Amethyst pendants life is better in ultraviolet.  

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Hello February!

Perhaps one of the prettiest birthstones of the year, Amethyst is here!

You may already know that Amethyst is beautiful, but as a gemstone, did you know that it can also be incredibly powerful?

Stunning Amethyst is a member of the quartz family, and has properties often associated with peace, balance, courage, inner strength, and sincerity.

Many people choose to wear a gemstone or birthstone as a piece of jewelry, in order to keep the stones’ energy close to your body.  Lore says that keeping the vibration of crystals on your person, for as long as possible each day, may help maximize the specific healing properties of a gemstone.

Whether or not you were born in February, or if you just love this beautiful birthstone, we’ve got the facts, history and meaning behind the February birthstone, Amethyst!  

The Mineral:
Amethyst is one of the most precious and valuable stones belonging to the quartz, silicate group of minerals, and is made unique by its violet-colored hue. It is the most popular form of quartz in the jewelry market today.

Rose Amethyst is also a Quartz. The stone of love that teaches the wearer to love themself and open the heart to receive love.

The History:
The name comes from Ancient Greece and is believed that the stone protects its owner. This stone is said to  provide the wearer wisdom, spirituality, sobriety and security.

Since purple is considered one of the royal colors, Amethyst has quite a historical importance as an insignia of power. Fine Amethysts are featured in the British Crown Jewels and they were also a favorite of Catherine the Great of Russia and Egyptian royalty.

The Birthstone:
February, which is both Aquarius and Pisces.

Mohs Scale of Hardness:
7.0 Mohs

Anniversary Gift:
4, 6, 9 and 33rd years

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Make her Sparkle this Valentine's Day!
Say "I Love You" this Valentine's Day with delicate hearts and charms in sterling silver and gold, diamonds, and gemstones.
Heart Shaped Diamond Pendant that moves to her Heartbeat.

Cushion Shaped Garnet and Diamond Pendant

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Heart Diamond Necklace available in Rose, Yellow or White Gold

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Top Pinterest Engagement Rings

Here is a collection of the most popular engagement rings on Pinterest.  Some of our Top Designers such as Tacori, Verragio, Simon G and Mark Silverstein are featured on this list. All of our engagement rings are available in Platinum, White Gold, Yellow Gold and Rose Gold.  Some of the top pinned engagement rings have a different center stone other than a diamond.  You can customize your ring with any gemstone you prefer. 


Tacori Engagement Ring With 23.2K Pins



Sapphire Diamond Ring With 26.2K Pins


Tacori 2578 Diamond Ring With 29.3K Pins


Verragio Diamond Ring With 30K Pins



Tacori Diamond Ring With 42.6K Pins



Oval And Rose Gold Simple Solitaire Ring 47.2K Pins


Diamond Engagement Ring With 48.4K Pins



Round Halo Ring With 57.2K Pins




Sylvie Diamond Ring With Wedding Bands 60K Pins 



Tacori Engagement Ring With 61.5K Pins


Diamond Ring With 68.1K Pins


Oval Rose Gold Diamond Ring With 68K Pins


Vintage Diamond Ring With 69.1K Pins


Classic Diamond Ring 70.3K Pins


Verragio Diamond Ring 85.5K Pins


Twist Diamond Ring With 98K Pins


Verragio Three-Stone Diamond Ring 106.1K Pins


Split Shank Diamond Ring 119.8K


Emerald Cut Diamond Ring 124K Pins


Tacori HT2530A 147.4K Pins




Mark Silverstein Ring 171K Pins




Featured Designers: Karl Lagerfeld Bridal



Karl Lagerfeld Rings



Say yes with Karl Lagerfeld’s new engagement ring line!

“I had never done a ring for that occasion,” Lagerfeld told Vogue. “It was kind of a challenge.” FW16 will  see  three styles  of engagement rings that are meant to “appeal to the millennial crowd.” The first line features pointed studs similar to the ones seen throughout the accessory lines of his own label, while the second uses modern, geometric shapes, and the third is inspired by the curves and arches of Parisian architecture.

Featured Designers: Jude Frances Jewelry

Jude Frances Fine Jewelry


Jude Frances Jewelry

Combining classic elegance with on-trend shapes and styles, JudeFrances Jewelry offers something for women of all ages. The endless combinations of the JudeFrances categories including the signature earring hoop and charm concept, stackable gold bangles, long layering chains and pendants, stylish cocktail rings and simple gold stackers, allow the JudeFrances collector to create a style distinct to her. Shop the Jude Frances Collection

Ruby Girl in Tacori

A beautiful piece of jewelry stuns for not just one lifetime, but for generations. Tacori jewelry is heirloom-worthy and will be treasures for your family forever. I would probably faint if I found this  topaz ring   in my stocking. The line has incredible top shelf pieces as well as absolutely gorgeous more affordable options (with prices as low as $190). So if you’re helping your dad pick out something for your mom, be sure to send him to Arthur’s Jewelers to shop this one-of-a-kind collection.

I’ll be stopping by on Saturday, playing dress-up with the pieces… ahh! I can’t wait to try them all on. Snapchat me to let me know you’re coming so I know to look for you, username “lindseyherzog”!

Shop today’s look: 

topaz ring
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Written by Lindsey Herzog 
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Featured Designers: Mark Silverstein

Shop Mark Silverstein Imagines

Dazzling jewelry and fresh designs forming an unrealistically beautiful range at Mark Silverstein - an inimitable name in the market. If you are looking for fine little details elaborately carved in your ring, Mark Silverstein is the brand to look for it. With zillions of designs to pick from this brand is today counted as one of the best in the world.

Each engagement ring by Mark Silverstein is entwined and entangled in glitz and glamour. The twists and turns of the rings mark the splendor of love, coming together at the center of the band where the rock-solid diamond outshines everything else.

The brilliant designs by Mark Silverstein are something that every woman wants to own. The woman who welcomes Mark Silverstein jewelry in her closet is someone who is bold and loves attention. If you too are looking for jewelry as enticing as one from this brand, check out the range at Arthur's Jewelers. The designs are lovely and you can purchase something for your hands, neck, and ears too. Check it out and get the best in jewelry.

Featured Designers: Simon G

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The perfection of every Simon G. engagement ring lies in the detail of the cut and the perfection of the craftsmanship. Each piece has been perfected by the effort and hard work of skilled workers. The idea behind each Simon G engagement rings is to use your own hands to carve something beautiful. Jewelry making was more of a hobby for Simon Ghanimian.

This slowly evolved into a full-time profession. Registering the brand was another story. Since Simon Ghanimian was too long a name to register at the City Hall, hence was born the name Simon G. Managed by just Simon and his wife, in the beginning, today the brand has 60 people working for it. Each individual works on the fine details of jewelry making. Simon G Engagement rings are the right choice for rings for soon to wed couples.

At Arthur's Jewelers we feature a beautiful range of Simon G. engagement rings. With engagement bands in different shapes that have been carved differently, Simon G brings awe-inspiring designs in the Arthur's Jewelers collection of wedding rings and wedding bands.

Featured Designers: Verragio


Weddings are meant to be celebrated with a lot of joy and beauty. And, a  wedding engagement ring from Verragio can bring both joy and beauty into your life. Presently wedding jewelry unlike ever before, Verragio is a name that is famous against those who delight in fine luxury jewelry.
Prestigious and glamorous, jewelry by Verragio is refreshingly alluring. An amazing collection awaits you at Verragio and a range that does not exhaust means you need to shortlist your priorities when you are looking around for that perfect ring for your life partner. We simplify things for you by segregating design into different categories for you.
This way, you can go about in an orderly manner to make the right purchase. Parisian Collection, Venetian Collection, Couture Collection, Insignia Collection and Paradiso Collection - these comprise the categories at Verragio. A favorite of both men and women,  Verragio jewelry is the ultimate choice when it comes to selecting wedding bands and rings.
At Arthur's Jewelers, we feature the best of Verragio Jewelry. The range includes classic engagement rings as well as designer jewelry from Verragio. The idea is to fulfill your fashion needs at one place and Arthur's tries to bring it all under one roof for you.

Featured Designers: Tacori

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The Tacorian family’s proud tradition of passion is expressed in everything they create. Spanning four decades, Tacori designs have fused classic elegance with modern inspiration, creating some of the world’s most highly regarded and exquisite jewelry.

Today, the care Tacori brings to every piece of jewelry is inspired by Haig’s original vision. Tacori not only creates intricately crafted artisan jewelry but also upholds a family legacy. Tacori’s signature design component is defined by the unique design element of the crescent silhouette: interlocking half-moon arcs, which provide windows of light to reflect the brilliance of the diamonds placed within each crescent silhouette semi-circle.
Tacori is not just jewelry; it is a style statement. 

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